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Eric Hickson, owner of Double-O Permits & Project Services has been in the transportation industry obtaining permits for nearly 20 years. Since then, he has worked on loads from oversize and overweight floats and step-decks, to loads including jeeps and boosters, to 19-axle combinations, dual lane trailers, wind equipment trailers (including Schnabel and rear steerable Nootebooms) to multi-line hydraulic trailers (ex. Goldhofer). He has also expanded his experience in developing Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Control Modules in both Canada and the United States.


Double-O Permits & Project Services was created to help carriers or any company in the transportation industry to bridge the gap of information between the transportation companies and each road authority they must travel on. Double-O Permits & Project Services does not want to be just a data entry company processing permit requests, but to provide knowledgeable service for each move.