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Double-O Permits & Project Services

Permit Services

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Oversize & Overweight

When loads fall outside of legal sizes and weights, Double-O Permits & Project Services can help in obtaining the required permits, whether it be State, Province, County, Municipality, Township or City. Double-O Permits & Project Services is there to provide you with all the compliance requirements for all road authorities the load will be travelling through.



Project Services

With nearly 20 years experience in the trucking industry, Double-O Permits & Project Services can help with all your project service needs, also known as Super Loads. These services can include, but not limited to:

  • Route Surveys
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Traffic Control Modules
  • Drawings and sketches (CAD)
  • Road Authority Approvals
  • Utility Approvals


Temporary Trip Permits

Double-O Permits and Project Services will obtain temporary trip permits if the vehicle is not registered in the State and/or Province it will travel in. These permits allow the vehicle to travel through those jurisdictions temporarily without having to change the vehicle plates to a full IRP plate.



Temporary Fuel Permits

If the vehicle does not have an IFTA license and decal when travelling outside of the based State or Province, Double-O Permits & Project Services can obtain temporary fuel permits.



Permit Ordering System

Double-O Permits & Project Services has designed a permit ordering system that can be used 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. It allows the carrier to save all vehicle information and account registrations to simplify the information required on new orders. It allows 24-hour access to all issued permits for easy viewing and downloading. Also provides real-time updates of your orders as they are happening.



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