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IMPORTANT NOTICES - updated June 28, 2022


Ontario Permits - Due to staffing shortages and increase volume at the MTO permit office, the current turnaround time for single trip permits is 8 business day. The earliest you would receive your permit is 3 business days before your start date


North Carolina PermitsDue to issues causing delays in the issuance of Oversize/Overweight permits, the North Carolina Dept. of Transportation is authorizing travel for Truck/Tractor semi-trailer combinations with at least 51' of wheel base hauling non divisible loads with weight up to 132,000 lbs. and/or loads with width 12 foot wide or less. Mover is not to exceed legal height (13'6"). Movers are not to cross posted bridges or travel on posted roads. Over width loads are to travel from sunrise to sunset only. This authorization is your permit for movement if you meet the conditions above until noon Friday, July 1st 2022. Please use the time until Friday at Noon to apply for permits needed for the week of July 5th and beyond. We will be back to our normal processes effective July 5th. Requestors can expect heavy delays on Tuesday July 5th and Wednesday July 6th. Heavy delays are normal after holidays.

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We specialize in Overdimensional Loads.


While we do specialize in over dimensional loads, it does not stop us from helping you out in any other temporary permit need from trip & fuel permits to temporary New York HUT permits. We are here to provide you with nearly 2 decades of heavy haul transportation experience and knowledge to help move your vehicles forward.


Looking beyond permits, we have the experience in developing Traffic Management Plans for Super Loads in Canada and the United States.


At Double-O Permits & Project Services Inc, we are here to help bring simplicity to permitting!




We provide transportation

permits on all roads from
origin to destination.


This includes all, but not limited to: all US States and

Canadian Provinces, cities, municipalities, counties,

and townships.



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